The  Office for Conflict Resolution offers both formal and informal conflict resolution services.  There are four levels of policy that describe our work — a Board of Regents Policy, an Administrative Policy with Appendices, and Administrative Procedures. You can find each of these by following these links:

Alternatively, the OCR has a booklet that contains the Regents policy, the Administrative Procedures, and the Appendices. Download it here.  It's also available in hard copy by calling or emailing the office. Brief descriptions of the OCR services appear below.

Formal Services

The formal petition-based conflict resolution process is similar to a grievance process. It is available as an option when an employee believes that a University policy has been violated and informal efforts to resolve the problem have failed.  The process involves a number of detailed steps leading to a peer hearing and a final University decision by the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. An employee who is dissatisfied with the University decision may appeal that decision to binding outside arbitration or the Minnesota Court of Appeals. For more information about the petition process, click here.  

Informal Services

The majority of the Office’s work involves supporting faculty, staff and student employees in resolving disputes informally.  Informal services typically include consultation, facilitated dialogue and mediation.  For more information about these services, click here.