Welcome to the Office for Conflict Resolution


The Office for Conflict Resolution addresses employment conflicts with respect and skill. It is a neutral and independent office where faculty and staff can raise concerns. Consultations are confidential (subject to very limited exceptions). It is not an office of notice for the University. Please contact other University offices to put the University on notice of an alleged wrongdoing.

What Staff and Faculty Say

"I have tremendous respect for this office…. What I personally value most about my interactions with this office is the neutral perspective they offer, as well as their ability to create true dialogue among the different stakeholders. As a supervisor, I feel well supported, yet staff also feels supported and respected through the process." — Supervisor
"Thank you for the terrific session that you organized for us on conflict in the classroom. It was even better than I had hoped. Your advice about all of the ways we can respond to difficult classroom encounters was especially helpful. Involving all of us in talking about how we do respond, and opening space to look at the gender and racial dimensions was exactly what we needed." — Department Chair
"I enjoyed our joint efforts at problem solving. You have wonderful skills and we were a pretty good team." — Administrator at a System Campus
"…I can't express how much it means to me to have been treated with respect by all of you." — Employee




Julie Showers, Director
Amanda Olson, Program Coordinator
Mary Tate, Consultant and AHC Liaison
Office for Conflict Resolution

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