Visitor Feedback

Employees who used OCR services in academic year 2015-16 provided the following feedback:

“Thank you for offering your services to staff and faculty. I’ve already referred a couple of colleagues to your office from other units on campus. The office is amazing and provided great feedback and gave me an extra push by going through a role playing exercise to better address issues as they arise. I definitely felt empowered and centered after my meeting. Thank you so much!”

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that this office exists and that I was able to get an appointment so quickly. The situation is not resolved, but I have a path to move forward and feel much better about it. Thank you SO much!”

“Until my consultation with OCR I was frustrated, angry, and at a loss for how to proceed with my issue. After one consultation I felt like I had a handle on the situation and a number of possible options for action. I was also really impressed with the session on conflict competence. This office is a great, if under-utilized, asset to the U.”

“The OCR Director and staff member are exceptionally knowledgeable, skilled, diplomatic, and insightful. They provide an absolutely essential service to the University of Minnesota employee community.”

“I commend the U of M for having this service and helping me handle a very difficult work situation. I was initially embarrassed to bring my problems to someone, but felt safe and comfortable discussing the issue with OCR. It’s comforting to know OCR exists if it’s needed in the future (but I hope not!). I HIGHLY recommend their services no matter how big or small.”

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